Office 365

Office 365 Analytics (Preview)

Office 365 solution provides a summary view of all ongoing user activities. The current functionality includes:

  • SharePoint: You can see details of operations such as File Download, Access Request Sent or Group Added performed on SharePoint.
  • Exchange: Along with various Exchange activities like Set-Mailbox, you can also see details of the user that performs this action.
  • Azure Active Directory: Information on user/group changes in your Azure Active Directory will appear in OMS along with detailed properties.

Multiple office subscriptions can be connected to an OMS workspace. However, an office subscription can only be connected to one OMS workspace.


  • You have to be a global admin of the Office 365 account to be able to connect it to OMS.
  • You can only connect your organizational Office 365 accounts to OMS.
Office 365 Analytics
Office 365
Office 365 Analytics
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