Azure Site Recovery

Azure Site Recovery

The Site Recovery Solution helps you easily identify on-going protection status of your servers, jobs and events status, and the disaster recovery plans for your heterogeneous environment. With rich, out-of-the-box views you can easily identify the health of your disaster recovery infrastructure, including:

  • Application and server protection status
  • Recovery flows that need your attention
  • Datacenter events that may impact ongoing replication
  • Readiness of your disaster recovery plans
  • Monitor and alert on key metrics and KPIs in real-time to rapidly identify problems
  • Reduce support costs by exposing configuration and operational issues before they affect your business

Additionally, you can click through on individual protected servers to see their configuration in Azure or to execute actions on them

This solution is a part of the Protection & Recovery offering, available under free or per node pricing tiers. For additional information about Microsoft OMS, contact us.

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