Security & Compliance

Security and Compliance

With Operations Management Suite (OMS) Security, you get a holistic view of your security state, from on-premises to cloud and across Windows and Linux systems. By helping ensure that your environments are configured and operating security, OMS Security enables you to more effectively defend against cyber threats. And, by using advanced security analytics and threat intelligence, the solution can detect attacks early. Quickly search large volumes of security data and use built-in threat intelligence to enable smarter investigations.

With OMS Security you can:

  • View the security posture of your entire environment and quickly identify issues such as missing security updates, outdated antimalware, vulnerable OS configurations, and unusual access or network activity
  • Leverage advanced security analytics and Microsoft threat intelligence to detect attacks in near real-time
  • Reduce investigation time with built-in threat intelligence and rapid search of your security data
  • Use security data and insights to demonstrate compliance and easily generate evidence for auditors
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