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Upgrade Readiness

The Upgrade Readiness solution gives enterprises the tools to plan and manage the upgrade process end to end. Using information known to Microsoft, we provide recommendations for resolving blocking issues, allowing you to streamline and accelerate Windows upgrades.

With Windows telemetry enabled, Upgrade Readiness collects and analyzes your data to identify device, application, and driver compatibility issues that can block your upgrade.

The Upgrade Readiness visual workflow steps you through the discovery and rationalization process until you have a list of devices that are ready to be upgraded.

With Upgrade Readiness you can:

  • Decide which computers you want to use in a pilot and then export this list to your software deployment tool
  • See which applications are used the most, grouped by the computers they're installed on
  • Decide which computers are ready to be upgraded and then export this list to your software deployment tool

IMPORTANT: For upgrade readiness information to be shared with and analyzed by Upgrade Readiness, you must enable and configure Windows telemetry on user computers. After you've added this solution to your workspace, go to Connected Sources in Settings for information about how to enable telemetry.

This solution is a part of the Windows Analytics offering, available under free or per node pricing tiers. For additional information, visit OMS pricing page.

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