Microsoft Azure Monitor

Azure Monitor OMS

Azure Monitor Operations Management Suite solution allows you to monitor, diagnose, get alerts & notifications, and take action on problems in your cloud infrastructure.


Azure Monitor OMS is a built-in, cloud-based monitoring service solution that provides a single source of infrastructure metrics and logs for most services in Microsoft Azure. This solution allows you to monitor, diagnose, get alerts & notifications, and take action on problems in your cloud infrastructure.

The functionality and power of Azure Monitor OMS is based upon Microsoft’s hybrid IT management and monitoring platform OMS (Operations Management Suite) but it recently got merged into an all-encompassing service solution, to allow deeper and richer integration across all resources and services in Azure, empowering for a better monitoring experience.

With Azure Monitor OMS, you can:

  • Consume metrics and logs within the portal and via APIs to gain more visibility into the state and performance of your resources.
  • Configure alert rules to get notified or to take automated actions on issues impacting your resources.
  • Explore and manage all your common monitoring tasks from a single place in the portal.

Azure Monitor OMS enables a unified dashboarding experience within the portal, in addition to enabling a wide range of product integrations via APIs and data export options.

You can use Azure Monitoring and diagnostic services to:

  • track performance
  • audit security
  • increase reliability

Azure Monitor OMS Features include:

  • Rich information on compute (VMs in particular)
  • Unified view over resources
  • New: Network Watcher
  • Link/integration to downstream services:
  • Azure storage,
  • Application Insights,
  • Log Analytics,
  • Events Hub (not for all types of resources)
  • Azure Health integration
  • Accessible via REST API & SDKs

Azure Monitor OMS combines with Application Insights, Operations Management Suite Insight & Analytics, and with other partner service solutions. All the monitoring data you need to run and maintain your Azure resources is obtainable through Azure Monitor, combined with the analysis tools already familiar to you.

At Cased Dimensions, we guarantee first-class support for monitoring your Azure resources.

Your assets may be running in a local data center, completely in a public Cloud infrastructure (Microsoft Azure or AWS or 3rd Party) or in a hybrid topology.

Hence we provide unified monitoring of cloud, on-premises and hybrid IT infrastructures.

We have developed Microsoft Azure monitoring tools & services that deliver performance insights, availability metrics and resource utilization trends to determine and troubleshoot performance issues which can impact your business services.

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