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Service Map (Preview)

Service Map presents a view of your servers as you think of them - as interconnected systems that deliver services and rely on other technologies. Service Map discovers and maps server and process dependencies in real-time, without any predefinition, and visualizes application components, service dependencies, and supporting infrastructure configuration. This helps you eliminate the guesswork of problem isolation, identify surprise connections and broken links in your environment, and perform Azure migrations knowing that critical systems and endpoints won't be left behind. Service Map supports Windows and Linux guests, for any cloud and on-prem.

Diagnostic and Usage Data

Microsoft automatically collects usage and performance data through your use of the Service Map service. Microsoft uses this Data to provide and improve the quality, security and integrity of the Service Map service. Data includes information about the configuration of your software like operating system and version and also includes IP address, DNS name, and Workstation name in order to provide accurate and efficient troubleshooting capabilities. We do not collect names, addresses or other contact information.

For more information on data collection and usage, please see the Microsoft Online Services Privacy Statement.

This solution is a part of the Insight & Analytics offering, available under free or per node pricing tiers. For additional information, visit OMS pricing page.

OMS Gallery Service Map
OMS Gallery Service Map
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