Update Compliance

Update Compliance (Preview)

Update Compliance is a powerful set of tools that enable organizations to monitor and track all important aspects of Microsoft's new servicing strategy: Windows as a Service. Update Compliance uses the Windows telemetry that is part of all Windows 10 devices. It collects system data including update installation progress, Windows Update for Business (WUfB) configuration data, and other update-specific information, and then sends this data privately to a secure cloud to be stored for analysis and usage within the solution.

With Update Compliance, you can:

  • Easily monitor your devices to ensure they have the latest quality updates
  • Track security update compliance
  • View a breakdown of the different Windows 10 releases your organization has
  • See scheduled feature update deployments and track deployment progress
  • Dive into dedicated drill-downs for devices that might need attention
  • See an overview of WUfB deferral configurations for feature and quality updates
  • Utilize Log Analytics to do much more

IMPORTANT: For Windows information to be shared with and used within Update Compliance, you must enable and configure Windows telemetry on user computers. After you've added this solution to your workspace, go to Connected Sources in Settings for information about how to enable telemetry.

This solution is a part of the Windows Analytics offering, available under free or per node pricing tiers. For additional information, visit OMS pricing page.

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