What is Operations Management Suite

Microsoft OMS (Operations Management Suite) is a Cloud-based SaaS monitoring and management solution for any IT environment.

OMS absorbs your Machine Data. In return OMS advises you pro-actively how to ensure the availability, security, compliance and performance of your IT Operations.

Traditional monitoring services advise you on when your system fails (reactive). OMS provides you pro-active advise to ensure your IT Operation does not fail.

Your business can be small or big. The economies of the cloud are global.

Your business can be running Microsoft, VMware, Linux or OpenStack or other 3rdparty technologies.

Your assets may be running in a local data center, completely in a public Cloud infrastructure (Microsoft Azure or AWS or 3rd Party) or in a hybrid topology.

OMS is the way in which to rapidly gain a single view of Operations and ensure security, compliance, availability and performance.

Operations Management Suite

Deploying OMS
Machine Data
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